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English conversation – homework Nr 8


Please read this story and write how did Tom and John feel  (in each sentence if possible).


Tom likes to save money, so he usually walks to work.

Last Friday he was late, so he called a taxi. A few minutes  later, a taxi pulled up in front of his house. Tom kissed his wife goodbye and got in the taxi.

The driver was John. ”Hello”- he said. Aren’t you Mr Tom Black of the City Bank?

– Yes, I am! How did you know?

– That was easy! I went to your bank three times last week. I want to borrow some money.

– Oh really, what do you want the money for?

– I want to fix my taxi. It doesn’t run very well.

Tom and taxi driver talked all the way to the bank. Tom liked Jon’s friendly personality and careful driving. When the taxi pulled up in front of the bank, Tom got out and said to John:

-I like you. I’m going to give you the money. How much do you need?

– About 400$.

-OK, come and see me at the bank on Monday.

John was very happy. Thank you – he said- but there is just one thing….

– What?- asked Tom.

– You owe me 10$ for taxi fare.

– But John, I’m going to loan  you 400$ and you are worried about 10$?

John smiled. – I know, Mr Black, but do you want to loan your money to a bad businessman????