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English conversation group


Homework nr 6, december 6th, 2015


What a stressful visit!

Please read this dialogue and complete it with words:

caught,     get on,      on foot,      got out of,      got in,      missed,      go by,      get off


Tom: Hi, Ann. It’s good to see you.I was worried about you. I said: meet me at 6pm and now is 6:30!

Ann: I’m so sorry I’m late!  I …….. my car but it wouldn’t start. So I ……… the car and went to the bus stop. I ……… the bus and had to wait ten minutes for the next one. But there were a lot of people on this bus so I couldn’t ……..!

Tom: What did you do?

Ann: I decided to …….. the tram. I walked to the stop and ……… the wanted one immediately! But there was a ticket inspector on the tram – I didn’t have a ticket!

Tom: Did you have to ……….. the tram?

Ann: Yes, I did! In the end I went ………. to your home. I’m here, but 30 minutes late!

Tom: You need to rest after all this! Let’s have a cup of tea or better let’s have a drink!


PS: Did you have a trip like this one? We’ll talk about a stressful, dangerous or pleasant trips.

See you, Halina Sinkunas